Rules & FAQs

What makes a designer eligible for nomination?

Any lighting or video content design is eligible for nomination provided that the shows were staged in the USA between the August 1 and July 31.

Who nominates the designers?

Anyone working in the industry can nominate a show for an award and more than one show can be nominated by or for the same lighting or video content designer.

Can I nominate one of my productions?

Yes. Judges look purely at the production itself when deciding on the shortlist and winners. The nominator’s identity is not relevant.

Is there an entry fee?

No. There are no fees and shortlisted designers all receive complimentary tickets to the ceremony and gala dinner.

Can anyone buy a ticket to the ceremony?

Sorry no. Tickets are allocated to shortlisted designers, designers, buyers of design and sponsors. However, if you are a lighting or video designer, you can register interest in attending: Attend KOI

How do I become a sponsor?

Just contact us via email or telephone: Contact KOI

What do you win?

KOI ‘knights’ receive an engraved, handmade sword.