2019 Winner of the Astera Award for

Live Performance Special (Non Music)

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Steve Brill & Monica Rose

Funeral of Former President George H.W. Bush (ABC)

SHORTLISTED: Travis Hagenbuch, Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia – Netflix, and Tom Sutherland, Bethesda E3 Showcase 2019

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KOI Judges’ comments


“The solemnity of the moment is complemented by a careful lighting design and the unobtrusiveness of the lighting instrument placement. It is impressive that the lighting design and installation were accomplished in a very compressed period of time for this live broadcast of such a high-profile event. Of note is the lighting treatment of the architecture and environment of the splendid Washington National Cathedral, done with great style and elegance. This was a perfect match with the well-balanced lighting of speakers, dignitaries, clergy, and the choir, as well as other members of the ceremony.”